The beautiful birds of Kenya

Kenya boasts an impressive array of avian life, with up to 1,100 bird species documented within its borders, making it a premier destination for bird enthusiasts. My aim is to meticulously capture and present this rich diversity of birdlife in a blend of accuracy and aesthetic appeal. Utilizing watercolors, I bring these avifauna to life on paper, with each painting serving as a basis for producing exquisite prints.

These fine art Giclee prints exemplify the pinnacle of quality craftsmanship. Beginning with the scanning of each original painting using high-resolution scanners, I ensure meticulous detail preservation. Subsequently, professional-grade large format Epson printers are employed to create digital prints of unparalleled precision. Limited to just 100 copies, each print bears my personal numbering and signature. Utilizing archival quality pigment inks on 100% acid-free fine art paper, I guarantee lasting beauty and integrity.

The Paintings and Drawings of Andrew Kamiti